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The Maidenflower Dance

The Maidenflower Dance
Seraphine Farmoure spends her days pretending to be a loyal countess in the royal courts of Westland, yet by night she is a sword for hire, skilled in the art of sword dancing and gifted, or cursed, with the Light of Aura, an uncontrollable power beyond imagination.

When she is hired to assassinate the commander of Westland's Royal Guard, she inadvertently saves the life of Kateryn Fallonside, a young child who is hunted by the King of Westland's loyal men. By choosing to protect her, Seraphine is caught up in a diabolical plan orchestrated by the king to harness Kateryn's dormant powers and use them to seek out and destroy the last vestige of the failing seraphim, Sanctuary.

With the help of her loyal friends and devoted lover she must race against time to stop the launch of a city-destroying airship while defending Kateryn from the spirit of a long dead demon lord, who would like nothing more than to possess her body and return to the world of men.

Based in the Kingdom of Westland, a land where angels are worshipped as gods, witches are burned at the stake and demons rule as emperors. The Maidenflower Dance is the story of a young girl's search for acceptance and love in a world that is determined to see her dead, or worse.

Stay tuned for an upcoming excerpt of The Maidenflower Dance.

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