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About Warren Paul

Born 1981 in Palmerston North, New Zealand, Warren grew up seemingly attached to whatever book he could get his hands on. In his youth it was typically a Star Wars, Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery novel, and being a serious gamer too, his tastes often reached out to include pick-your-path books as well.

Then came the mid ninties, where Warren discovered a promotion for the fantasy book club section included in his mother's Doubleday subscription. This discovery opened up a whole new world to him. A world filled with swords and sorcery, elves and dwarves, dark queens, noble knights and grand quests. At last he could let his vivid imagination run free and lose himself in the master storytelling of many great authors. The first was Raymond E. Feist and his novel, Magician, who he had to thank for his entry into fantasy. Warren devoured the Riftwar Sagas, and continued to eat up every fantasy novel he could, never once looking back.

Years later, with an exhaustive catalogue of novels sitting on his bookshelf for research, Warren has at last comprehended and planned out the Kingdom of Westland, the setting for his work in progress novel, The Maidenflower Dance. He hopes that one day he can be placed alongside those great authors he grew up on and provide an escape for the imaginations of many more readers like him.