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The Lost Shores trial begins

The Lost Shores: Trial Day

Two hours ago the doors to Tyria opened for all trial users and while Queensdale remains quiet on Sorrows Furnace, it can be expected as the day reaches its peak that many more players will flock to the servers to discover what many of us are considering the MMO of the year.

New Boat
The Lost Shores event is set to start in a bit over 24 hours and while there still remains traces of the last tragedy to befall Lions Arch, attention is drawn to the beaches, where the tension is high. The crew of ships waiting in the harbours stand on edge, on the lookout for any signs of danger, while on shore, large notices warn citizens to stay away from the beaches. These warnings fail to deter some though, who go about their daily lives along the shoreline, while others stand, debating the meaning behind the notices and fear what might happen if the citizens of Tyria fail to heed the warnings. A group of Sylvari sense a disturbance in the waters, fearing that the dangerous creatures they had been warned about might soon rise from the depths to terrorise the shorelines.

Fractals of the Mists portalA single Asura Gate sits along the shoreline, inoperable, yet one can expect it might lead us one day to new lands when the time comes. In the meantime, players are keeping a close eye on the gate, suspecting it might have something to do with the pre-warned danger about to target Lions Arch once more.

Will the defenders of Lions Arch emerge victorious this time? Will they drive back the monsters, like they did the Mad King? The call to arms has risen and the adventurers of Tyria stand firm to defend their realm. Tomorrow at 12:00 pm PST the Karka will strike. All that can be asked of us is that we stand together on those shores, ready to drive the foul creatures back to the depths they rose up from.